Jurriën Timber Net Worth – What is Jurriën Timber Net Worth (June 2023)?

Jurriën Timber Net Worth – Meet Jurriën Timber, a talented football player born on June 17, 2001, in Utrecht, Netherlands. With Aruban and Curaçaoan ancestry, Timber has made a name for himself in the world of soccer alongside his twin brother, Quinten Timber. Let’s explore his career journey and estimated net worth.

Early Life and Background:

Ancestry and Family: Hailing from the Dutch Caribbean’s ABC Islands, Timber’s father is from Curaçao, and his mother, Marilyn, is from Aruba.

Name Choice: The family adopted their maternal name “Timber” rather than their father’s last name, “Maduro.”

Career Development:

  • Early Beginnings: Timber’s football journey started at the age of four when he joined the Utrecht-based club, DVSU.
  • Feyenoord Youth Program: At the age of six, he became a part of the prestigious Feyenoord youth program.
  • Ajax Signing: In 2014, Timber made a significant move to join Ajax, where he signed his first professional contract in 2018.
  • Senior Debut: On March 7, 2020, Timber made his senior debut for Ajax in a 3-1 victory over SC Heerenveen.
  • First Goal and Championship: Timber scored his inaugural goal for Ajax against Emmen on May 2, 2021, contributing to their 4-0 victory. This win secured Ajax’s record-breaking 35th Eredivisie championship title.
  • International Representation: Timber has represented the Netherlands in various youth international football categories, including under-15, under-16, under-17, under-19, and under-21.
  • Senior National Team: Timber was selected for the Netherlands senior team to compete in UEFA Euro 2020. On June 2, 2021, he made his first start for the team in a friendly match against Scotland.

Net Worth:

  • Estimated Net Worth: Jurriën Timber’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $1.8 million.


Jurriën Timber has carved a successful path in football, showcasing his skills and talent on both domestic and international stages. With a promising career ahead, Timber’s net worth reflects his achievements and growing prominence in the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q: What position does Jurriën Timber play in football?

A: Jurriën Timber primarily plays as a defender, specifically as a center-back.

Q: How many goals has Jurriën Timber scored for Ajax?

A: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Jurriën Timber has scored one goal for Ajax, which came in a match against Emmen.

Q: Has Jurriën Timber represented the Netherlands national team in any major tournaments?

A: Yes, Jurriën Timber was selected for the Netherlands senior team to compete in UEFA Euro 2020.

Q: What is the significance of Ajax winning the Eredivisie championship for the 35th time?

A: Ajax winning the Eredivisie championship for the 35th time is a remarkable achievement, making them the most successful club in the history of Dutch football.

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