{Updated} Arrest Made in Albany Axe Attack at Restaurants – Read Here!

Violent Axe Attack: Arrest Made After Assault on Diners

Video footage captures the arrest of a suspect after a man allegedly attacked diners with an axe at a popular eating spot on Auckland’s North Shore on Monday night. The incident left three people injured as the assailant entered multiple restaurants in Auckland, targeting patrons.

Suppression Orders and Cordon Lifted: Media Restrictions and Restaurant Updates

Community magistrate Rosemary Fitzpatrick enforced strict suppression orders, preventing the media from publishing the conclusion of the hearing and any additional statements by named witnesses. The police cordon that surrounded the affected restaurants has since been lifted, with staff seen cleaning up at Yue’s Dumpling Kitchen, which was previously within the cordon. However, 2am BBQ and Double Happy remain closed.

Terrifying Chaos Unleashed: Diners Flee as Attacker Strikes in Dining Complex

With vacant parking lots, the eating facility, known for its authentic Asian cuisine, looked quieter than normal. CCTV footage obtained by Stuff shows several people fleeing from a restaurant after the attacker entered and started assaulting individuals. Some people used a yellow chair or stool as a shield while making their way to the car park.

Assaults Rock Albany: Witnesses Recount Horrifying Experience

The incident occurred around 9 pm on Corinthian Drive in Albany. Police received multiple calls reporting assaults on patrons at three different restaurants in the Albany area. Witnesses recount the horrifying experience, with one staff member describing the Axe Attack sudden aggression and use of a hammer-like object to target people at a table.

Restaurant Owner’s Harrowing Encounter: Assailant Targets Multiple Shops

Restaurant owner Guangqing Yin of 2AM recalls witnessing the assailant attacking people as he moved from shop to shop. Yin’s restaurant, adjacent to Yue’s Dumpling Kitchen, was spared as there were few people inside. The Axe Attack then moved towards Zhangliang Malatang and continued the assault.

Suspect Arrested and Charged; Media Pushes for Transparency

The 24-year-old male suspect was promptly arrested at the scene by police. He is accused of injuring with the intent to cause great bodily damage. The following day, the accused appeared barefooted and dressed in a padded green robe at the North Shore District Court. Media outlets, including Stuff, the New Zealand Herald, RNZ, TVNZ, and Newshub, argued for the right to publish witness accounts and court proceedings to provide reassurance to the community.

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Court Debate: Witness Safety and Fair Trial Rights

The court debate centered around the potential impact on witness safety and the accused’s right to a fair trial. While the media argued that naming witnesses is standard practice, the court deemed it inappropriate due to their potential involvement in future trial proceedings. The court expressed concerns about jeopardizing the accused’s right to a fair trial and emphasized that the media should not have sole authority in determining what could endanger this right.

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