Heather Lowe (Feb 2023) (Actress) Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Kids, Movies, Wiki & More

Heather Lowe (conceived December 1, 1951, age: 71 years) is an American entertainer and a finance manager.

She is notable in Hollywood for her work as an entertainer in the film “Clash of the Planet of the Gorillas”. She is the spouse of the late entertainer Andrew Lewis Prine. Heather is the proprietor of the Oxford Gathering Creation organization. She has delivered numerous motion pictures in this creation house. She has likewise created many honors winning public shows under her this creation house. She got resign from her acting profession during the 80s time. Heather became moving on Google in the long stretch of November 2022 when her significant other Andrew Prine kicked the bucket on 31st October 2022 at 86 years old.

Who is Heather Lower?

Heather Lowe has been renowned among the enthusiasts of brilliant time films for her work in numerous motion pictures between the 70s and 80s. She has played a lead job in numerous motion pictures beforehand. As of November 5, 2022, she is presently enjoying her days with high melancholy in her heart in light of her significant other’s demise. Her significant other kicked the bucket on 31st october 2022. Andrew Prine kicked the bucket normally.

Heather Lowe’s Loved ones

As Heather Lowe has stayed a popular entertainer during the 70s and 80s time it is difficult to come by out about her family and guardians in 2022. She, at the end of the day, has likewise not uncovered anything about her family anyplace. As she is presently 71 years of age her folks would clearly be dead now in 2022. Perhaps a portion of her kin more youthful than her would be alive yet she never examined them anyplace.

Heather Lowe Spouse (Sweetheart Name and Connections)

We have proactively shared over that Heather Lowe’s significant other Andrew Prine passed on 31st October 2022. She wedded entertainer Andrew Prine in the year 1986. She remained spouse to Andrew till his demise. Andrew stayed dynamic as an entertainer during the ’60s, ’70s, and 80’s times.

Heather’s significant other was involved with entertainer Karyn Kupcinet in 1962. Be that as it may, Karyn Kupcinet passed on November 28, 1963. Prine stayed associated with the homicide instance of entertainer Karyn Kupcinet yet emerged unscathed. Prine assumed a part in motion pictures like Bad dream Carnival (1974), Destructive Openness (1993)The Malevolence (1978), and some more. In view of our exploration we can unhesitatingly share that Heather and Andrew never had any children living with one another.


Allow us to let you know that Heather Lower started her profession by playing a visitor job in television series. She assumed a supporting part in the 1973 film “Clash of the Planet of the Primates”. Her job in the 1977 renowned drama title “Shades of Energy” made her profoundly well known in America. She was addressed by ICM ability organization when she has started her profession.

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