Patty Tiu Illness, Vocation, Spouse, Guardians, Schooling, Children, Total assets And that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Patty Tiu Ailment:- Starting around 2011, Filipino DJ Patty Tiu has set the mind-set for gatherings and occasions in

Manila’s clubs. She played the turntables once and for all on Saturday, January 21, covering off her DJ profession at the Howlers Manila electronic dance live event. Patty pronounced on her Facebook page that she needs to use whatever remains of her days attempting to work in the world.

Patty Tiu Disease

Patty immediately jumping all over each opportunity life introduced to her subsequent to learning she had disease over decade prior to keep the music playing. Not many individuals know about the enduring she is going through as they bop and depression to her tunes.

In practically no time, she returns, giving extra joy to everybody. The specialist illuminated her that she just had five to eight years left to live since her high-grade dangerous cells would begin to spread to new areas.

At the point when Patty accepted her underlying determination in 2011, the year she started her vocation as a DJ, she decided not to take chemotherapy. Nonetheless, she has had a sum of five medical procedures, three of which were huge systems.

Patty Tiu Is Resigning

Patty Tiu has reported her expectation to quit filling in as a DJ. Tiu will play on January 21 at the approaching live performance Howlers Manila at Circuit Makati before the declaration.

Tiu suddenly posted a contacting goodbye note as the event approaches. To my loved ones, as well with regards to the outsiders who have accumulated for the love of music the very music that brought forth Deuce and framed the premise of who we are today she tended to the gathering as people, darlings, and craftsmen.

Like all life, we create and change with time. I thusly commit this proclamation to each and every individual who has partaken from that time forward.


She in the long run rose to noticeable quality as one of Manila’s top DJs and added to the country’s female DJs breaking the unfair limitation. Be that as it may, with her authority retirement as a DJ, Patty is presently ready to set her earphones to the side in the wake of scaling the levels of the DJ world.

Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s at this point not in the running. Truth be told, she is making progress toward an alternate sort of inheritance all through the following phase of her profession.

One that is firmly established in music and imaginative articulation, but at the same time is upheld by state of the art innovation and overflowing with strengthening. Patty Tiu is setting up a good foundation for herself in new fields. This could appear to be a great deal to take in to non-geeks.


Mark Thompson and Patty Tiu, two DJs, got hitched while wearing jeans and had their wedding rings inked on their fingers. Mark Thompson, a 25-year-old music maker, and Patty Tiu, a finance manager, have been companions beginning around 2015.

Both are DJs in the music business. Who might have envisioned that following quite a while of playing the most sultry music for the night swarm and continually running into each other, they could end up talking the whole time one portentous evening? Following half a month, they started dating.

Mark proposed in 2017 following a three-year commitment. They had the most relaxed wedding possible. The wedding rings were inked on several’s fingers, and they were marry while wearing jeans. She really didn’t need a genuine wedding and just did it for their folks’ advantage.

Total assets

Despite the fact that Patty Tiu’s genuine total assets is obscure, it tends to be thought to be in overabundance of $500,000. She has amassed colossal cash because of her occupation as a DJ and music maker.

Patty Tiu is notable for having ability as well as being a visionary. She isn’t simply a melodic symbol; she is likewise a specialist in computerized development. She has worked in everything from crypto to NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is Patty Tiu Sick?

Ans. Indeed, Patty has malignant growth.

Q.2 Who is Patty Tiu?

Ans. Patty Tiu is a DJ.

Q.3 What is the total assets of Patty Tiu?

Ans. $500,000

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