Write For Us + Blockchain Guest Post: Ways To Write A Compelling And Well-Read Guest Post Article!

This article clarifies the submission guidelines and popular SEO optimisation techniques for writing optimised Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post articles.

Are you the person who knows about the workings of blockchain technologies? Have you been able to present interesting online Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post articles based on your knowledge and experience of emerging blockchain technologies? Then you have to continue reading this article because this opportunity will amaze you in every way, along with the set of protocols for writing perfect guest posts that capture the attention of global readers.

Introduction to our website “boscoloexedrahotels.com”

Our website aims to create an enlightened community of Blockchain + Write for Us readers using our highly esteemed and authentic articles. In addition to that, we have created many awareness articles related to reviewing the latest products and websites. 

Write for Us + Blockchain writers Preferred Educational Requirements and Field Experience

Blockchain is an emerging and happening technology that is presently ruling the global technology world; thus, it needs to be known by many people in this current generation, irrespective of their age and country of residence. Thus, we are looking for writers who can share a universal “Write for Us” + Blockchain article that helps all audiences understand the blockchain concept.

Educational Qualification: The person should have studied blockchain as a subject in their graduation courses, and any online certification courses relating to blockchain will also be considered.

Write for Us Blockchain Reference Topics

Blockchain involves many subcategories; for example, if we take the application of its digital currency as an example, the information and articles regarding it cross over thousands of articles, so writers should be able to choose one among the others. Here are the suggestions for it, and we deeply request that every “Write for Us” + “Blockchain” writer take a brief look into it.

  • What are the real-world and day-to-day applications of blockchain technology?
  • How has blockchain eased the work of humans?
  • What is the potential difference between conventional databases and blockchain?
  • How was digital currency born out of BC technology?
  • What are the best ways to develop blockchain technology from scratch efficiently?

Blockchain Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The word limit for this technical article can range from 750 to 1500 words. While writing the article, quality and quantity have to be blended perfectly.
  • The readability score of the article should be higher than 80%. To attain this score, the writer has to follow these rules: stick to small paragraphs; use lists; use subheadings; etc.
  • The Write for Us+ Blockchain article has to be written in a good level of English without any spelling, punctuation, or syntax errors.
  • Writers should limit the usage of passive-voice sentences.
  • The article should be written uniquely, free of copied content. And its uniqueness value has to be 100%
  • Articles should contain the necessary flowcharts and diagrams to explain things better for our readers.

“Write for Us” + Blockchain articles SEO guidelines

  • The article should be written SEO-optimized; to make that happen, the writers must perform keyword research concerning their selected topic and place it properly.
  • The keyword density can be varied from 90 to 110 words, but it has to be maintained uniformly.
  • It is necessary to add legitimate internal and external links to the article.

Blockchain + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our team publishes articles based on SEO plans and strategies so that they will perform well regarding search engine results and crawling activities.
  • As our website has a huge audience, the writers need not worry about their articles’ web impressions and popularity.

How to submit the Blockchain “Write for Us” article?

The article has to be sent to our professional editorial team, whose Email Address [[email protected]], and our team will reach out to the applicants as soon as possible.


The article explains the easiest way to write a professional article without lifting great mountains. Thank you for reading this far into the Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post article; we guess that we have captured your attention. We want your attention to transform into online Blockchain articles. Please do it and let the world witness your fame and popularity.

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