Ruby Docherty Train Video Leaked: Know What Actually Happened

Ruby Docherty Train Video Leaked – The recent viral train video featuring Ruby Docherty, an Australian girl, has sparked widespread discussion and curiosity. Here, we delve into the details surrounding the incident and shed light on Ruby Docherty’s response.

Who is Ruby Docherty?

Ruby Docherty is an Australian individual who gained significant attention on the internet following the release of a video capturing a verbal altercation between her and a fellow passenger on a train. The incident allegedly occurred in London in June 2023, thrusting Docherty into the spotlight.

The Train Video Incident:

The viral video showcases an intense argument between Ruby Docherty and a woman passenger on a London train. The footage, recorded by other passengers, found its way onto TikTok and subsequently spread rapidly across Twitter.

According to reports, the confrontation ensued when the woman passenger reprimanded Docherty for smoking on the train. This led to a heated exchange between the two parties, witnessed by the crowded train’s passengers. Ruby Docherty Train Video Leaked, in the midst of the argument, inquired about the woman’s age, to which she responded by stating she was 27. The video captures Ruby expressing her frustration with explicit language directed at the female passenger.

Ruby Docherty’s Response:

In response to the leaked train video and the subsequent speculation surrounding her, Ruby Docherty addressed the incident in a TikTok video. However, her original video has since been removed due to a suspension of her account. Nevertheless, other TikTok users have shared Docherty’s video.

In her video, Ruby Docherty explained her side of the story, emphasizing that the woman had discussed her family, including her mother, during the altercation. She stated that she became upset by these comments, leading to her emotional outburst. Docherty maintained that she did not mistreat the woman involved.


The leaked train video featuring Ruby Docherty sparked widespread interest and discussions online. While the incident portrayed a heated argument between Docherty and a fellow passenger, Docherty later provided her perspective on the situation via TikTok. As this incident continues to garner attention, it is important to understand the different viewpoints and consider the context surrounding the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1: Who is Ruby Docherty?

A1: Ruby Docherty is an Australian girl who gained internet attention after a video of her verbal altercation with a woman on a train went viral.

Q2: What happened in the Ruby Docherty train video?

A2: In the viral train video, Ruby Docherty is seen arguing with a woman passenger on a packed train in London. The argument reportedly started when the woman advised Docherty not to smoke on the train.

Q3: Why did the Ruby Docherty train video go viral?

A3: The video went viral due to its intense nature and the confrontation between Docherty and the woman passenger. It garnered attention on TikTok and later spread rapidly on Twitter.

Q4: How did Ruby Docherty respond to the train video?

A4: Ruby Docherty addressed the incident in a TikTok video, explaining her side of the story. However, her original video was removed as her TikTok account was suspended.

Q5: What did Ruby Docherty say in her response video?

A5: In her response video, Docherty stated that the woman had discussed her family, including her mother, during the argument. She expressed her upset over those comments but maintained that she did not mistreat the woman.

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