Emmy Gorman Obituary – Complete information about Harrisburg Native, Passes Away in Lake Madison Accident

Emmy Gorman Obituary – In the aftermath of a tragic incident, one family is left grappling with a profound loss. Emily Gorman, an eighth-grader from Harrisburg, met an unfortunate fate while indulging in her favorite pastime—relaxing by Lake Madison. Emily, affectionately known as Emmy, was born in Sioux Falls during a snowfall, bringing joy to her family.

Early Years:

Emily’s mother, Stacy Gorman, fondly remembers her daughter’s birth, marveling at her beautiful, thick head of dark hair. Emily cherished her blanket, keeping it close to her for many years. She was a curious child, often counting her freckles, and proudly shared with her mother that she had a total of 107, a fact she had meticulously confirmed with a friend.

Passions and Aspirations:

Emmy Gorman Obituary, Emmy had a desire for a larger family, particularly an abundance of pugs, rather than more siblings. To convince her parents, she would occasionally create persuasive presentations. Volleyball had recently captured her interest, and she spent the summer taking private lessons and attending a camp. Her enthusiasm for life inspired her father, Eric, who enjoyed glimpses into her social world.

Kind-hearted Listener:

Emmy possessed an exceptional ability to listen and was always eager to learn about the latest information. Her room would resonate with her laughter while she chatted with her friends on the phone purely for enjoyment. Due to her compassion for others, Emmy was selected to be part of the Harrisburg North Middle School welcome team, where she had the opportunity to help sixth graders transition to middle school.

Simple Joys and Favorite Treats:

Among Emmy’s simple joys were indulging in root beer, quesadillas, and Caramel Brulé. She had a deep appreciation for boating and treasured the time spent on Lake Madison with her family. Tubing was one of her favorite activities, bringing her immense joy during their summer vacations since 2016. The Gorman family acknowledges the love and support they have received from extended family, friends, and their church community.

A Proud Father and Mother:

Eric expressed his immense pride in being Emmy’s father, acknowledging the remarkable way she embraced life. Stacy, overwhelmed with emotion, professed her indescribable pride in being Emmy’s mother, cherishing the years they spent together as the best of her life. The family draws strength from their cherished memories and the support of their loved ones.

Funeral Arrangements and Support:

Services for Emmy will be held at Central Church in the coming week. Recognizing the emotional impact of her loss, Harrisburg schools have made counseling services available to help students navigate life without Emmy.


The tragic passing of Emmy Gorman has left a deep void in the hearts of her family, friends, and community. Through her inquisitive nature, compassionate spirit, and zest for life, she touched the lives of those around her. As they grapple with this unimaginable loss, the Gorman family finds solace in the outpouring of love and support they have received during this difficult time.

Emmy Gorman Obituary – Frequently Asked Questions:-

What happened to Emmy Gorman?

Emmy Gorman, an eighth-grader from Harrisburg, tragically passed away in an accident while enjoying her time at Lake Madison.

Where was Emmy Gorman born?

Emmy was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, during a snowfall.

How was Emmy described by her mother?

Emmy was described as having a beautiful, thick head of dark hair and a close attachment to her blanket.

What nickname was Emmy known by?

Emmy was affectionately called “Emmy” by those who knew her well.

What were some of Emmy’s interests and passions?

Emmy had a passion for boating and enjoyed tubing on Lake Madison. She was also interested in volleyball and had taken private lessons and attended a camp during the summer.

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