AJR Dad Died: Reflecting on the Loss of Gary Metzger

AJR Dad Died – On July 1, 2023, the indie pop group AJR experienced a tragic loss as their beloved father, Gary Metzger, passed away. The news of his death left the band members and their fans engulfed in grief. This article explores the impact of Gary’s passing, the band’s tribute through music, the cancellation of their performances, and the support received during this difficult time.

The Loss of Gary Metzger:

The sudden death of Gary Metzger, AJR Dad Died, AJR’s father, shocked and saddened the music industry and fans alike. The band shared the heartbreaking news through social media, expressing their deep sorrow for losing not only their father but also their most ardent supporter. The exact cause of Gary’s illness remains unknown, leading fans to speculate and reflect on how his passing will affect the band members’ lives and shared experiences.

A Musical Tribute: “God is Real”:

In honor of their father’s memory, AJR composed a profoundly touching song titled “God is Really Real.” This heartfelt eulogy was released on YouTube, providing a platform for their supporters to share their grief and remember Gary.

The song beautifully captures the range of emotions the band experienced, from despair to hope, during their father’s illness. The therapeutic power of music shines through as listeners find solace and comfort in the melodies and lyrics, fostering healing and resilience.

Canceled Summerfest Performance:

Upon receiving news of their father’s declining health, AJR faced a difficult decision: they had to cancel their eagerly anticipated performances at Summerfest. Although fans were disappointed, they understood and sympathized with the band’s choice, recognizing the importance of spending time with their ailing father during such a challenging period. The cancellation had a ripple effect on the festival, prompting adjustments to the lineup and schedule, including other artists like Jimmy Buffett.

Yung Gravy Takes the Stage at Summerfest:

To fill the void left by AJR’s absence, Yung Gravy graciously agreed to perform at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater during Summerfest. This surprise announcement heightened the excitement among attendees, drawing music lovers from far and wide.

The concert, scheduled for July 6, became highly anticipated, and in an effort to compensate for AJR’s cancellation, the Summerfest organizers made the Yung Gravy show free for those with festival admission. This act allowed everyone to come together, enjoy the music, and create special memories.

Refunds and Support for Summerfest Attendees:

The organizers of Summerfest promptly responded to the changes brought about by AJR’s cancellation and subsequent lineup adjustments. They assured ticket holders that refunds would be available at the point of purchase, with automatic refunds for those who had purchased tickets using a credit card. The festival aimed to support both fans and artists during this challenging time, ensuring a smooth experience for all involved.

AJR’s Musical Journey and Successes:

AJR Dad Died, composed of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger, has captivated audiences with their unique blend of eclectic and genre-bending music. Their catchy and distinctive sound, enriched by skillful instrumentation that includes unconventional elements like ukulele, trumpet, and toys alongside traditional instruments such as guitar, piano, and drums, creates a contemporary and dynamic atmosphere.

The band’s contemplative and profound lyrics explore themes of self-reflection, life’s challenges, and universal experiences, striking a balance between pop appeal and meaningful storytelling.

The Metzger Brothers’ Personal Lives and Talents:

Beyond their musical accomplishments, the personal lives of the Metzger brothers provide insight into the individuals behind the music. The brothers, who were raised in Bayside, Queens, have a strong kinship and a Jewish heritage.

They have pursued diverseeducational and artistic endeavors, with Adam studying business and philosophy, and Ryan and Jack exploring film and music production. Despite obstacles such as Jack’s OCD diagnosis, the brothers’ tenacity and passion for their music shine through, adding to their growing success.


The loss of Gary Metzger has deeply affected AJR and their fans, prompting an outpouring of grief and support. Through their musical tribute, “God is Real,” AJR has provided a platform for healing and connection, inviting their audience to share their stories of love, grief, and recovery. The cancellation of their scheduled performances at Summerfest led to adjustments in the lineup, with Yung Gravy graciously stepping in to create a memorable experience for attendees.

The organizers of Summerfest ensured a smooth process for refunds, supporting both fans and artists during this challenging time. AJR’s unique blend of music, combined with their personal resilience and passion, continues to resonate with listeners, creating a profound and lasting impact.

AJR Dad Died – Frequently Asked Questions:-

Who is AJR?

AJR is an indie pop band consisting of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. They gained popularity for their eclectic and genre-blending music, combining acoustic and electronic elements.

What happened to AJR’s father?

AJR’s father, Gary Metzger, passed away on July 1, 2023. The exact cause of his illness remains unknown.

What is the tribute song called?

The tribute song written by AJR in honor of their father is titled “God is Really Real.”

How did AJR inform their fans about their father’s passing?

AJR used social media platforms to share the news of their father’s demise and express their deep sorrow.

Why did AJR cancel their performances at Summerfest?

AJR canceled their scheduled performances at Summerfest due to their father’s deteriorating health. They chose to prioritize spending time with him during this difficult period.

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